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5 marketing tips for small business start-ups

Getting your business off the ground is often the hardest part of running a business. Convincing people that your idea is worth investing in is crucial. One of the most important tools for starting up your business is marketing, that is, promoting and selling your concept. Marketing can be so powerful and getting it right is important at any stage of business, but especially at the start.

We have put together 5 simple things to keep in mind when trying to market your small start-up business.


1. Know your target market

‘Well just anyone I suppose’ is NOT a target market. You need to figure out who is going to be using your product or service so that you can market properly. Research your target market, get to know what appeals to them most and what marketing techniques have been successful in this market before.


2. Know what you want

In order to be effective, your marketing needs to be planned and prepared properly. It shouldn’t be an afterthought. Impulse marketing can be incredibly expensive and often ineffective. Once you know your target market you can develop a marketing plan that will appeal to them in order to generate great sales.


3. Be flexible

One of the best things about running a small business is that you can adapt and react to changing circumstances. This means you can be flexible and if something isn’t working, you can change it. You need to be willing to adapt your plan and follow advice from marketing professionals.


4. Don’t underestimate social media

Social media can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool for small start-up businesses, especially if you’re on a budget. Utilise it, get people talking about your business, spreading the word and getting feedback on your ideas. Influencer marketing is a fantastic avenue for reaching niche audiences.


5. Have a killer website

Your website is essentially your shop window. It shows customers what you have to offer. A great-looking, well-functioning website is really important, especially if you can get it ranking well on search engines. It is definitely worth investing in a website and keeping it up to date. Don’t neglect if after a month or two.

So if you are looking to start a business, keep these marketing rules in mind and you should be on to a winner. Here at Level, we’ve worked with many start-ups, such as Homeasy and Bussle & Bliss, so if you need a marketing agency to help your business launch, get in touch today.