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Benefits of using CRM software

Here are the benefits small business owners said they love most about their CRM software:

  • Save time. One of the biggest benefits of using CRM software is that it can save you a lot of time by automating a good chunk of your operations. The president of a leading internet design and marketing company said CRM software allows him to spend more time growing his business, as opposed to wasting it on mundane, repetitive tasks. For instance, because the software is so powerful, it can automatically track prospects through the entire sales funnel so he doesn’t have to manually follow up with leads.
  • Save money. There are many affordable CRM options for small businesses. But they can also reduce costs because having a comprehensive solution can save you from having to implement multiple tools to get the job done. The business development manager at National Air Warehouse said he loves that his company’s CRM software offers several integration features and can be customized and scaled at an affordable price.
  • Better email marketing. Owner of Chief’s Touch Consulting, an inbound marketing agency, said his company’s CRM software has enabled it to reach more customers. For example, the software has allowed him to send large quantities of personalized emails that are segmented by type of audience, which, in turn, has substantially increased the company’s email marketing open and click-through rates. CEO of GlobaFone, a satellite communications service provider, added that his company’s CRM software offers detailed email marketing reports, which includes specifics like opens, clicks, opt-outs, bounces and spam reports.
  • Extra functionalities. In addition to email marketing, the CRM software offers a comprehensive database of other functionalities, such as auto-responders, shopping cart, invoicing and storage of any data a company would need in the normal course of business. Moreover, the software can be a comprehensive CRM system that includes built-in tools, such as billing and project management.
  • Helps sales teams reach their goals. CRM makes it easy for employees to keep track of their own performance, in conjunction with a third-party solution — gives the company’s teams direct insights into their commissions, quota attainments, deal valuation and other critical sales information, straight from the CRM dashboard. This capability helps paint a clear picture of their sales pipeline, from initial customer contact all the way to the final sale. The CRM platform can also include blogging, social media marketing and SEO capabilities, all of which are fed to sales teams to help them close leads and become more involved in the marketing process.


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