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Broadening the horizons of this finance broker

Broadscope came to us looking for a marketing agency to help them broaden their horizons, so that’s just what we did.


Client background

Broadscope offer business finance solutions. They are a whole of market brokerage with access to an array of high street and specialist funders.


How we got involved

Broadscope cam to us looking for someone to create them a brand identity and website that matched their professional services. In such an important industry, they wanted to make sure that they worked with someone with experience in the sector who could create them a clean, professional and slick brand, so they came to us.

As we have previously worked with the likes of MBNA, we know how to market for the finance industry and, although Broadscope is not quite yet on the scale of Bank of America, we knew we could apply our knowledge of this industry, to this smaller finance company.


First steps

Firstly, we created a new brand identity for Broadscope, one which would represent their professionalism and values in this sector. We created a logo which was simple yet smart to help them stand out from their competitors whilst also giving them a serious look and feel.


Work in progress

The brand new Broadscope website is now live. We created a relatively small website that would be easy to manage whilst also ensuring that any pieces of information a Broadscope customer might need, could be found online. Using the logo and branding as the basis for the look and feel, we gathered a set of appropriate images to add to the content to make it stand out.

Now the website is complete, we’re working on an AdWords campaign to boost their online advertising. In a sector such as this, standing out from the crowd is not always easy. But we’re confident that with the strength of their brand, the quality of the website and a good online advertising campaign, we can help Broadscope do just that.


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