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These common e-marketing mistakes could be harming your campaign

E-marketing is a hugely powerful marketing tool, so much so that a study conducted by Econsultancy found that 74%  of businesses regard e-marketing as instrumental to their company’s ROI.

As e-marketing can be so helpful, it’s crucial that you get it right. There are a couple of common mistakes that lots of people make but they have simple remedies. We come across these simple mistakes all the time, so here are our solutions for fixing them and getting the best out of your email marketing campaign.


Not knowing your campaign intentions

A fantastic open rate is no good if nobody is clicking through and engaging with your content. You need to make sure your lead is centre stage. You need to know what you want to get from your campaign, in order to get it right.


Too much mixed messaging

It’s hard to minimise your content, you want the reader to know why you are their best option. But, it’s important that you do strip down your email content. Lots of content puts people off and can confuse your message. Choose your lead and sell it with as few wordy-paragraphs as you can.


Failing to follow up your leads

The worst and most costly mistake you can make is thinking that the email is going to do all of the work for you. Your e-marketing campaign will plant the seed, and in some cases, that’s enough for people to take action. But sometimes it’s not. Perhaps all they need to push the button is a follow-up email or phone call from you. So don’t miss out on crucial business by failing to follow up your leads.

So if you are guilty of making any of these e-marketing mistakes, then you should get them fixed quickly to ensure you are making the most of your e-marketing strategies.


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