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How we helped make a small business dream a sweet reality

From September 6th-8th the Speciality and Fine Foods Fair takes place in London. On stand 4868 you’ll find the team behind exciting new cake brand Bussle & Bliss.

At the beginning of this year, Bussle & Bliss didn’t exist. They were experts in the food industry, with over 15 years of experience with a really good idea and a tasty product. They needed someone with marketing experience to help them turn this idea into a reality.

So when they came to us, we were starting from scratch. They had the idea and the delicious fondant facies, what they need from us was a brand name and identity, a website and some exciting packaging to house their sweet treats.


Step 1

Initially, we sat down with the clients and started to generate possible brand names. We finished with a list of around 50, some good and some not so good. We filtered out the best ones as possibles names for the new business venture. They need two, one for the parent company, and one for the first of their individual cakes brands.

Step 2

Once we had whittled down the possible names for both the company and the brand to 5 or 6, we started to look at possible logos for each one. We created 3 or 4 potential logos for each of the potential names. From this, the clients were able to discard a couple more names and pick out the ones they really liked.

Step 3

The next step was to look creating an identity for the 3 remaining contenders. We created an identity for each of the product names with different packaging ideas, colour options and tag lines.

Step 4

Next, we took these different names and identities to focus groups, along with samples of the cakes and asked people what they thought worked best. This gave us absolutely vital information that essentially shaped and defined the brand from then on.

Step 5

With the comments from the focus groups in mind, we decided on our names: Gorg’ Cakes for the company and Bussle & Bliss for the new cake brand. We finalised the brand identity for both, again keeping in mind the focus groups thoughts about the product.

Step 6

Now we had the name and identity, we needed to create some packaging for the Bussle & Bliss cakes to be sold in. This was a lengthy process which included deciding on what shape and material to use for the boxes, multiple designs and amends, getting images taken by a specialist food photographer and generating product descriptions. We had to make sure that the design of the box matched the product inside it and that the two together would be attractive enough to entice the customer.

Step 7

Now we had finalised the cakes, the brand for both the company and the product and the packaging, the next task was marketing them. We created the website to showcase the new company and its exciting new cake brand. We designed promotional leaflets and exhibition stands to ensure that when launching at the Speciality and Fine Foods Fair, people knew exactly what Bussle and Bliss were all about and how it started.

Having an idea and taking it to market is not a quick or simple process. It takes time, especially if you want to make sure you get it right. But being involved in this lengthy process from beginning to end is incredibly rewarding for us as a marketing agency, as we get to see first hand how a small business can grow and develop to become a reality.


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