Social MediaHow Will Facebook Algorithm Changes Affect You?

How will Facebook algorithm changes affect you?

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Back in January, Mark Zuckerberg announced that there would once again be changes made to the Facebook algorithm determining what users see on their news feed. In order to promote user wellbeing, the algorithm will prioritise posts from friends and family, and decrease the amount of commercial content.

I for one think that the newsfeed change is a positive thing. Exchanging mindless likes and shares for genuinely engaging narratives is a step in the right direction.


Rethink Your Content

Whilst many businesses might groan at the inevitable decrease in organic reach, it might just be time to reconsider what you’re posting. If Facebook is prioritising meaningful engagement, then guess what your posts should be? That’s right: meaningful and engaging.

The focus should be on instigating interaction, between you and your followers, and the followers themselves. Here are some guidelines for your content:

Shareability: Create content which is highly shareable. If a user shares something, their friends are far more likely to read it themselves.

Direct People: Give people a call to action, such as “comment below” or “what do you think?”

Bring Variety: You should be posting a mixture of images, long copy, short copy, video, live streams, links and polls.

Use Video: Dynamic content is most likely to resonate with users, so make sure you’re uploading video content, and using live video to connect in real time with followers.

Start Conversations: Get stuck in with the comment sections – reply to followers, ask questions, use social media for what it’s intended – being social.


See First in News Feed

One feature, which tackles the algorithm change head-on, is the “See First in News Feed” setting. If you are able to convince followers to change their settings for your page, the algorithm will make sure your content is prioritised on their news feed. It goes without saying that you’ll need to be putting out some great content to justify this request. This also requires a degree of trust, so be transparent in your communications, and put the user’s interests first.



Another avenue to consider is influencer marketing. In terms of engagement, influencers have some of the most loyal audiences, who are constantly communicating with the influencer and each other. Try to create opportunities to collaborate with influencers whose content and interests aligns with your own. Again, this shouldn’t be a one-time sales opportunity, but a genuine attempt to engage with the influencer’s audience and show that you can add value to the narrative already established.



Overall, the changes to the Facebook algorithm present an opportunity to replace a passive following with a more select, engaged group of followers. From a business perspective, a more engaged customer is a returning customer.

Looking at the bigger picture, I think we can all agree that changing Facebook to a platform where users connect with each other rather than passively reading articles or watching videos is a positive thing. Drawing attention to the wellbeing of its users is a step in the right direction – one that we should move with, rather than against.


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