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The marketing stats from this week

The marketing stats from this week One third of UK consumers believe AR would help them to narrow down choices when shopping Mindshare’s ‘Layered’ report has uncovered some interesting opinion about augmented reality. In a survey of over 1,000 UK smartphone owners, one third (or 33%) of respondents said they believe AR would help them…

VW advertising

Flaunt Your Flaws

Flaunt Your Flaws So, what does this have to do with advertising? Well, many brands have detractors who are all too willing to point out a brand’s flaws. For example, some people think Listerine tastes awful, others that the Volkswagen Beetle looks bizarre. The input model would suggest countering those criticisms with claims to the…

Marketing Plans fail

The reason why marketing plans fail

The reason why marketing plans fail It’s easy to get the impression that creating a marketing plan is as easy as pouring a cup of coffee. Templates, blueprints, and other tools promise clarity and simplicity. But plans can sail off the rails in a hurry when the process doesn’t begin with the right task. Of…

Future Payments

The Future of Connected Payments

The Future of Connected Payments Over the past 12 months we have seen a dramatic increase of awareness and interest in ‘connected payments’ – payment systems that can be seamlessly incorporated into everyday items such as clothing and jewellery. It’s a hugely exciting time because, as consumer interest grows, so too does the opportunity for…

Audience First marketing

Audience First Marketing

Audience First Marketing Audience first is not really a new thing at all, and neither does it change the way we should be communicating with users. After all, the name of the game has always been to target the right audience with the right message to cut wastage. So isn’t everyone doing it already? What…

Six Nations Ads

6 Nation Mobile Advertising

6 Nations mobile advertising Half of rugby fans share content through their mobile and we’ve seen a big increase in interest and brand bookings for this year’s tournament via mobile. Eighty-three per cent of fans in the stadium use their smartphone prior to kick-off while nearly half of 18- to 34-year-olds do so during the…

Change marketing

Should the marketing model change?

Should the marketing model change? ‘Change is a constant’, a mantra that is constantly bandied around the marketing industry. When marketing leaders discuss organisational change they offer exciting and insightful suggestions to shake up inertia and unlock potential within businesses. However, while the descriptors “agile”, “nimble” and “dynamic” are often discussed in terms of cultural…