NewsNational careers week 2019

This week marks National Careers Week and we’re celebrating by sharing our passion for helping young people and new graduates to gain valuable experience at Level that helps them to go on to achieve a great career.

When starting out, it can be tough to get a foot in the door of any given industry, but for us, previous experience is not always a necessity – a good attitude and potential are far more important. We’re proud to have taken on a number of employees, both past and present, who previously had no marketing, design, advertising or digital experience, and trained them up to become successful within the industry.

We get a great sense of achievement by taking somebody who has never worked in this industry before and giving them a chance. As an example, one of the people who passed through Level was working a zero-hour contract at a sports shop and is now head of content creation at an agency, whilst another was a receptionist at a dentist, and is now another agency’s senior designer.

As part of our creative team, we currently employ a Digital Marketing Apprentice from Coleg Cambria and a graduate, who recently gained his BA(HONS) in English Literature from the University of Nottingham.

Here, Lucy and James share why they made the choice to kick-start their careers by joining a marketing agency, the skills and experience they’re gaining along the way and what they aspire to do with their careers in the future…


Lucy, Apprentice Digital Marketer

“I chose to do a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship through Coleg Cambria because I felt the usual path of studying GCSE’s, A Levels then going to University wasn’t quite right for me. I’ve always been very creative but was I concerned about going to Art School then leaving and struggling to find a job and progress my career.

I’ve learnt that I thrive and perform much better when I’m learning first hand and getting stuck in. Joining Level has allowed me to do that and I’m learning more than I ever thought I could.

I enjoy working on various aspects of the job, one day I can be getting really creative and designing concepts for print or online campaigns and the next learning about setting up and managing Google Ad accounts for various clients. I’ve also learnt about email marketing, creating online content, from blogging to managing social media accounts, and the more technical aspects of website development and SEO.

A lot of my friends are in Uni and I totally understand the benefits of choosing that path, but I 100% believe that I’ve made the best choice for me in undertaking my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship.  I really believe it’s a good way forward for getting a foot in the door early on for a lot of young people leaving education.”


James, Creative Marketing Executive

“I chose to come to work at a marketing agency after studying English at Uni as I’ve always loved being creative, and marketing as an industry seemed to provide opportunities to do so, whilst still being able to work within a professional business environment.

Entry-level marketing positions often involve a lot of writing, which really suited my strengths. The idea of working at an agency also really appealed to me, as it posed the possibility of working on a number of different projects for different types of clients.

Working at Level is helping leverage my career and experience as I had hoped. I’m getting the chance to work on a lot of different projects for companies in completely different industries, giving me some great experience. Just being in a marketing environment with people who have been doing it for a long time is giving me a really good understanding of the industry in general – from technical jargon to understanding the sort of career paths available in marketing.

I’m glad I came to work in an agency, as opposed to a marketing department somewhere, as it feels like the learning curve at an agency is much steeper; getting out of my comfort zone for certain projects has been really valuable.

So far I’ve really enjoyed making the most of my writing skills, I’ve been creating content for a number of clients, as well as the agency itself. This has presented some challenges, from understanding the industries I am writing for, to understanding how to modify my writing style to be optimised for SEO.

I’ve also gotten stuck into a lot of design work, from business cards to websites to logos; this is something I enjoyed before starting, but with experienced supervision and creative direction, I feel that my skills in this area have really developed.

I’ve also started getting involved with animation and motion graphics, which has been one of my favourite types of task. Another favourite has been helping to develop concepts for various brands – I liked this so much because it was nice to get away from the computer screen and do some strategic thinking with the team.

Going forward I’d love to continue developing my general knowledge and understanding of the industry, then once confident across the board, specialise in one area of marketing and get really good at it!”


If you’re interested in work experience or completing your apprenticeship at Level, feel free to get in touch for a chat to find out more.