Creating an engaging and informative space through design.

Business exhibitions provide a fantastic opportunity for brands and people to come together and interact face-to-face. Exhibiting at a business trade show can often be the first impression you make on a potential customer or client. It’s essential that you stand out from the crowd and communicate all of the right messages.

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Exhibition stand design
Exhibition design
Exhibition design
Exhibition design

Effective exhibition design.

Level’s creative team are experienced in designing effective exhibition stands and collateral, from pop-up event materials to full exhibition design. We achieve this by considering a few crucial factors during the concept stage right through to production and installation.

Exhibitions can be a hectic environment with limited space leaving you with a few seconds to create an impact. Keeping your exhibition stand design simple yet bold will help communicate key messages quickly and more effectively.

An overly designed exhibition stand will only lead to confusion and missed opportunities. To avoid this, we will work with you from the outset to outline your aims, objectives, and determine what you want your outcomes to be.  This arms us with a brief that helps us to focus on the most important elements that need be included in your exhibition stand design.

We will always provide flat exhibition designs for your feedback and approval before developing the final creative.

Identify your exhibition audience’s needs

You’ll already have a good idea of who you are aiming your messages at. It’s also important to understand your target audience’s problems and offer them a solution. Strategic graphic design, imagery and copy, and of course face-to-face can all help to communicate this.

Capture crucial data

During a busy exhibition, you will meet a lot of potential customers and business contacts. Therefore, having some sort of data capture device is crucial for post follow ups. Simple printed forms or iPads are effective in capturing contact details. We can help you to develop effective data capture concepts to ensure you’re taking away as many contact details as possible.

Exhibition design

Create a memorable and immersive atmosphere in your exhibition space

As well as communicating key messages, your exhibition stand design should provide the whole ‘ brand experience’.  

As well as effective graphics, we also consider the benefits of appealing to the 5 senses when designing an exhibition stand. This can include atmospheric lighting, interesting and informative moving images, the use of tactile materials such as brand samples or interactive demonstrations, and scents, tastes and sounds that capture the imagination and evokes more of an emotional response and interaction with your brand.