Knowing who and how to reach your audience is fundamental to the success of any marketing activity.

Having a good understanding of your clients’ or customers’ lifestyles; where they go, what they read, watch and listen to is vital for knowing where to place your brand in order to grab their attention and gain their loyalty.

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Media buying and planning

Targeting is the key

Advertising your brand in your target market’s favoured newspaper, magazine, on the blogs they read, the social media accounts they follow, or on their daily radio station will help to build trust and familiarly.

Once your brand and key messages are in place and looking great, it’s time to start targeting and telling your audience you’re out there. A strategic media plan will raise your brand’s awareness, advertise your product or service to those who are genuinely interested, ultimately generating leads, enquires and converting sales.

We begin by thoroughly researching your competition, who and where your target market are, and plan campaigns across the most effective media channels including press, on and offline, radio, TV, cinema, out of home advertising and social media.

Our creative team understands that great creative, well-written copy and strong calls to action are crucial to the success of a media campaign. Our media planners also work to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your budget and that your brand is in all the right places at all the right times.

Our seasoned media team offer a full media planning and buying service

Not sure what media is best for your brand and what to do next?

Leave that to us.

We work closely with media contacts to negotiate the most competitive rates and can purchase all media placement on your behalf. We always monitor your campaigns across all media and you will always receive a detailed evaluation report at the end of each campaign.