Great packaging is the silent seller.

Effective packaging doesn’t just look good sitting on the shelf. Packaging also provides a great opportunity to tell your brand’s story and ensures your key messages are clearly displayed. Whether you’re a new startup or an established name, what your product looks like on the outside can often be the first impression you’ll make to a potential consumer.

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Branding so often asks customers to make a connection with a product; packaging allows them to actually do it.

A great piece of packaging may need to fulfil several roles. It might need to work hard when it’s placed on the shelf in between competing brands. It might need to provide the customer with a range of information relating to the product. It might just be a container for transport. It might need to do all of the above.

We have created successful packaging design projects for a wide range of clients. Our process always starts by listening closely to establish what you want your packaging design to achieve. This is followed by competitor analysis and research into current packaging trends, before developing a concept and sourcing the best materials for the job.

Packaging design

In an almost entirely digital world, the human touch shouldn’t be underestimated.

The difference between a good piece of packaging and a great one often comes down to the details, and deciding on the ‘finishing touches’ is one of the most crucial stages of the packaging design process. Effective packaging not only influences a consumer’s decision to buy your product, but also creates a memorable experience when the customer is opening/using the product. An elegant foil block, for example, can project an image of exclusivity and luxury, which a customer taps into when using the product.

Sustainable design agency

We care for the environment as much as we care about great design. We strive to work closely with all of our suppliers to ensure that we are sourcing environmentally-friendly materials.