Excite, educate and engage shoppers with Point of Sale.

Point-of-sale (POS) is printed advertising that is strategically placed around a store, and plays a crucial role for raising brand awareness, increasing footfall and converting sales.

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Point of Sale leaflet design

Shelf appeal

Point of Sale can be produced and installed in various ways, from shelf liners to in-store video displays. These elements are used to promote offers, product launches and to display key brand messages. POS also serves as a constant reminder to shoppers to make a decision to buy a product.

These days consumers have an overwhelming choice when shopping. There are a plethora of brands competing against each other. To be successful, your brand’s point-of-sale needs to have ‘shelf appeal’ with great design, persuasive copy and a strong call to action. It’s also important that creative is kept fresh and relevant at all times of the year.

Front of mind.

POS can engage customers in-store, and once they’ve left.

A successful Point of Sale campaign should also work hard to direct potential consumers to the product. Imagery, video and interactive technology are also important elements of point-of-sale.

Photography or illustration that represents your target consumers interacting with the product will appeal to those who you want to buy your products. Including takeaway brochures or flyers can also help to keep your product at the front of customers’ minds after they’ve left the store.

Exhibition design agency

Multi-sensory POS

Creating a display that appeals to the senses helps when producing Point of Sale. A display with luxurious materials, amazing smells, tastes and sounds all contribute to interactions, enquiries and sales.

We have produced Point of Sale for national toy stores to international stationers. We work with you throughout the whole process, starting by helping to define your objectives to get the most out of your budget. We also source the most competitive prices, manage third party suppliers and oversee in-store installation.

POS design
Case Study

Smyths “Toy Scrappage Scheme”

We have produced a number of marketing campaigns for Smyths Toys, from TV commercials to press ads. One of our most successful campaigns was the “Toy Scrappage Scheme”, which we managed from concept to execution.

Point of Sale was used in a number of different ways throughout the campaign, including driving awareness, boosting shelf appeal, and directing customers in-store to engage with the campaign, and ultimately convert into sales.

The campaign was successful in not only driving in-store sales through the scheme, but also in allowing customers to engage with the brand in a unique, memorable way.