Worry the competition from the outset.

Getting your startup business off the ground can be a time consuming and stressful operation. There’s so much more than your product or service to worry about. In fact that’s normally the bit that is squared away. With everything else to worry about, it’s easy for most startup businesses to put marketing to the back of their mind, but they really shouldn’t.

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Marketing for startup businesses

The right support for your startup.

So you’re starting your own business. Good for you. No really, good for you. We were a startup business once, and we still remember how scary it was. But we also know how rewarding being your own boss can be, as well as how to overcome those first few hurdles.

We are not claiming to be experts in your business, but we are experts in marketing and advertising, and we’ve helped many startup businesses get up and running against some fierce competition.

Start right

Launch your business properly and it’s the competition that will be worried, because many established businesses don’t have the basics right. To help you, we have created a little checklist of things you need to get right from the start. This is by no means a complete list, just a few things to consider.

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Our startup business check list

  • Your business name

    Is it memorable, is it different? Will you be set apart from your competition? Is the domain name available?

  • Marketing collateral

    What do you need to promote your business? Do you need packaging, stationary, brochures, leaflets, uniforms, interior design of premises, signage?

  • Your brand identity

    Not just a logo, but an identity that becomes synonymous with your business and it’s product.

  • Your marketing strategy

    Do you have one? Do you know your customers inside out? Do you know the best way to reach your audience?

  • Your tone of voice

    Who are you? What are you? What language and phrases do you use? Are you serious or playful, forceful or restrained?

  • Online presence

    How is your website going to be used? Is it mobile friendly? Have you got the right url? What about social media? PPC? SEO? Email Marketing?

Get your website created by professionals. Not your mates cousin, who’s in uni.

Your website needs to work hard for you as it’s one of the first points of contact your customers will have with your business, so please don’t leave it to a family friend to build. 99 times out of 100, it will be a disater.

What you need is someone who can professionally design and build your website, but more importantly, help and advise you on content, site structure, user journey and the best strategy for keeping visitors on your site and engaged with your offer.

Please don’t fall for the ‘DIY website builder’ sites. Not only do they rarely turn out as expected, but you also have to consider how much of your time will be used up building a site yourself.

Work out what an hour of your time is worth to your business – is this best spent creating something from scratch, which you have never done before, and which is outside of your skill set?

Startup marketing ideas

Creating a brand that grows with your business.

We have helped these businesses get a foothold in the marketplace, by creating startup marketing, branding and communication strategies that could be implemented straight away.

We have also done this with a very clear understanding of the budget considerations that are usually prevalent in most startups. We know that in the early years’ money will be in short supply, so we don’t set out with the intention of making your marketing effort a burden the business can’t bare.

So, don’t be afraid to get in touch. One man band, mom and pop outfit, new partnership, we have worked with everyone, from the business that starts out on the kitchen table, to the ones that have invested at the outset.

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