TV Advertising

Moving image has always been the most entertaining and impactful way of reaching and capturing an audience’s attention.

TV and video advertising remains the most popular and powerful method of advertising to this day. Recent statistics and industry reports show that consumers watch over eight hours of online content each week and on average 22 hours of TV each week.

With the rising use of smartphones, tablets, and new technology constantly emerging, consumers have an even wider choice of devices and TV channels to view adverts outside of their home and on the go.

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Scalable TV advertising

The scalability of TV advertising is undeniable in terms of enabling brands to reach huge audiences in a short space of time. With an explosion of digital TV channels continuing to emerge, some with mass appeal and some that appeal to more niche audiences, targeting and engaging viewers has never been more effective.

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Sky AdSmart TV advertising

Our team has years of experience in writing, creating and producing TV ads for local, national and international clients

We can work with you to deliver every aspect of your TV advertising campaign, from producing ads that get results to planning and buying media that drives sales. Our experienced team work closely with production companies, Clearcast to ensure your TV ad gets on the air. We can handle the entire process from script to screen, even to the tightest of timelines and budgets.

Your audience, relaxed at home

Advertising on a large screen that’s prominent within the home and in front of an already captivated audience provides a highly effective opportunity to deliver a creative and impactful message whilst arming your brand with the credibility and prestige that comes with being seen on TV.

TV programme and channel sponsorship

Sponsorship allows you to place a series of short credit sequences around a programme, which feature your logo and message. Your sponsorship package can vary to suit your needs; single programmes or events, a themed package and varying lengths of sponsorship are all available.

An ever-growing area is where brands partner with an alternative editorial element of a programme. This can allow brands to access a show at a smaller budget, or to hone in on a specific aspect of the programme.

Video Advertising

Traditional marketing channels don’t have to clash with newer ones, and in fact, one of the benefits of shooting a TV ad in today’s digital landscape is the ability to use the resulting content online. Not only does this allow brands to reach new, wider audiences, but a TV production level of quality will really stand out online.

You can also create content just for an online audience. Video content is proven to be better at gaining clicks on platforms such as Facebook, compared to static content.

Make the most of the format

Sometimes the ad is just the start. The ad itself can, of course, be used across multiple platforms, such as on your website, on social media and YouTube, not just on TV. But video is a powerful medium, especially if it is engaging and real, just like the film opposite that we created to accompany the ad we made for Homeasy estate agents.

Discover the power of video