Direct mail doesn't have to be a letter in an envelope.

Direct mail comes in many formats. Yes, much of it is printed material sent to a potential customer in an envelope, but DM can be so much more and in a post GDPR world, direct mail is still a great and effective way to target new customers. It’s just about getting it right.

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Direct mail
Case study

Make an impact. Get your DM opened.

Remote Site Solutions are tough hombres. They operate in some of the planet’s most remote and inhospitable locations. We wanted to reflect this when talking to potential new customers. Their business is building and running mining camps when a client is drilling for valuable resources such as oil and gas. These camps can be the size of a small town and are huge undertakings.

We produced a beautiful 20 page brochure which highlighted what they do. They also wanted to get it in the hands of some potential clients. It could have been delivered in an envelope but may have been ignored so we sent them to key individuals in a Peli Case. Peli Cases, which are renowned for their toughness, was the perfect analogy for RSS as a business, and hard to ignore when it lands on your desk.

Direct mail can be effective on any budget.

Direct mail campaigns can also be produced on a small budget. A well-researched mailing list provides you with more control over the audience you’re aiming to target in terms of size and demographics, and who are more likely to respond to your messages and calls to action. A well-structured campaign can generate new leads, re-activate old customers and remind current customers of your offerings.

The success of direct mail is also due to the fact that the digital marketing world has become saturated, consumers are confronted daily with an abundance of marketing emails and online adverts when browsing or networking online. Receiving a piece of printed mail in the post (particularly when personalised and beautifully designed) is far more memorable than scrolling passed an online banner or a pop-up advert.

Finance direct mail experts
Finance Direct Mail

We have huge experience in producing DM for finance businesses.

One word ‘Compliance’. When producing direct mail for a finance business, compliance is a key part of the process and we understand this after working with finance brands such as MBNA, Virgin Money and American Express.

Allowing time in the process for packs to be approved by the compliance department and making sure all T&Cs are rock solid is very important. Of course, you still need a great idea and a compelling reason for the respondent to open the mail pack, and that is something we excel at.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Don’t be boring

Engaging with current customers is also important for businesses. Loyalty programs are a proven method of encouraging customer retention, and direct mail is a key channel in the activation of these programs; not only does the format allow for long-form information to be delivered, but it also allows for a great level of personalisation. Depending on program goals – whether it be to increase customer spend, engagement or retention – customer lists can be segmented and messaging adjusted accordingly.

They key to all successful DM is to be different, be engaging, be relevant and don’t be boring. Your customers want to receive good pieces of direct mail, all the facts bare this out, so make sure what they get has the desired effect.

Talk to us about creating a DM campaign that works its socks off…and, of course, isn’t boring.