Print is dead.
Long live print.

The death of print has been greatly exaggerated in the last few years. Print in general and brochures specifically are still important because they allow prospects to find information much more easily than websites, because some people still think on paper. Once they have been introduced to your company by the brochure, they will feel more confident exploring your website as they know what to expect.

Plus printed material stays visible in homes and businesses, long after webpages have been closed.

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Quality is much easier to convey in print

A great piece of print, perfectly created and produced will outshine any website. Much like packaging, good and innovative print conveys quality and demonstrates brand values.

A beautifully designed and printed brochure can become one of the most important sales pieces that a brand can own. The quality of print and emotive imagery alone can result in potential leads or customers keeping a brochure to hand as it looks far too valuable to throw away.

Investing in high quality creative and production has become an essential requirement for brands who want to project and represent professionalism, luxury and excellence within their industry.

Brochures are at the heart of many brands & sectors’ marketing efforts.

Have a look around your office or home and you’ll find a brochure or catalogue, probably more than one. Holiday brochures, toy catalogs, DIY catalogs, fashion, electronics…the list is endless.

Many brands you know and love publish catalogs and brochures on a regular basis. DIY chains such as Screwfix and Toolstation have large catalogs, as do Tesco and of course Argos. 

Online fashion retailer Joe Brown regularly produce printed material that they use as their direct marketing with great success. So before you think a website is all you need, take a look at your competition and what they are doing…you may well find lots of print. 

Annual reports and prospectus

Annual reports, prospectus and internal corporate presentations are integral to communicating key pieces of information around finances, celebrating achievements and projecting a company’s future plans.

We understand that the purpose of these key corporate documents is to inspire, excite and motivate a brand’s stakeholders, employees and consumers. A well designed annual report or corporate presentation should work hard to bring facts and figures to life in an engaging, creative and informative way.

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Marketing materials and flyers

Good printed marketing materials can work on many levels. They can be used to introduce a business and also as something to follow up a call or leave with a prospect after a meeting.

Flyers are also a cost-effective method of print for reaching key audiences. Like most printed marketing materials, flyers are often produced as part of a wider integrated campaign to reinforce and communicate key messages even further.

Strong calls-to-action teamed with powerful design are crucial to the success of a flyer campaign. Utilising trackable codes and directing the reader to take an action on a website, specific landing page or a social media channel significantly helps in monitoring and analysing the results of a printed flyer campaign.