We design & build performance-driven websites to achieve your goals.

Having a well-designed website for your business creates an opportunity to influence people’s mindset and help you generate more sales.

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Website design for startup business

Bespoke website design

Our bespoke website designs aim to help your brand stand out against your competitors, provide a great user experience, and ultimately help your business drive leads and sales.

Our website design services place your customers at the heart of every project. We take the time to research your target audience, to understand your market and the unique needs of your customers.

We can build anything from a small one-page website to a large eCommerce site and anything in between. We don’t just build your website, we design it, make it functional and we also offer SEO and content creation services as well. When you get your website designed & built by Level, you get the full package.

Responsive design.

Our goal is always to provide a seamless user experience.

Website design needs to be optimised for devices of any screen size – whether that be desktop, tablet or mobile – ensuring your site looks at its best no matter how it is viewed.

We believe that the best work is done collaboratively, and value honest feedback throughout the design process. We want to work with you to ensure we understand your brand, and what it is you want your website to communicate. Strategic thinking is what sets us apart, and we make the right decisions to help you achieve the best results possible.

Choosing the right platform

We have experience using a range of platforms to develop bespoke sites for a range of industries and can help you decide which one is right for you.

Our Content Management System of choice is WordPress, as it allows a great deal of flexibility so that our website design can fully meet your requirements and reflect your brand. We also have a great deal of experience working with the WooCommerce extension to integrate a range of e-commerce functions into WordPress sites. No matter what platform we build your site on, we ensure our website designs remain flexible and fully editable. If needed, we also provide the training to ensure you are able to maintain the site with ease.

Whilst WordPress is a common choice for us, it is not always the best option, and in some cases, we will utilise another platform. Platforms we have experience using include:

WordPress website design agency

Our personal choice, and for good reason. WordPress is one of the most popular systems in the world, used by some of the world’s top brands. With a huge amount of versatility, WordPress is often the most suitable choice for a web project, as the platform’s in-built features give us the option to build the site entirely from scratch. Another huge benefit is the constant updated WordPress provides; often the platform updates at least once a month, which constantly keeps the website stable and secure.

Magento website design agency

One of the most popular eCommerce platforms available, Magento is built from open source functionality, making it a versatile platform. As well as visual flexibility, Magento gives you a great deal of control over the functionality of your online store and eCommerce features. By first understanding your customers’ unique buying behaviours, Magento can be a great solution for creating a customer-centric user experience, which will result in a better performing website and the likelihood of a higher online conversion rate.

Drupal website design agency

Another versatile Content Management System, Drupal is open source with a wide range of features and available plugins. With Drupal, you can take either a bespoke or a templated approach, but the versatility of the platform means that the customisation options beyond this will allow you to evolve your site into something truly unique to your brand.

Joomla website design agency

Joomla is a content management system that focuses on usability. Its ease of use makes it a popular choice for many public organisations such as charities, schools and government websites. Joomla still offers a great deal of customisation, with a variety of content editing options and built-in multilingual support.

Shopify website design agency

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform, and offers all the tools you need to get an online site up and running. Everything that Shopify offers is geared at making your online store more functional and easy to use, and we’ve found it to be really mobile-responsive.

Umbraco website design agency

Umbraco is a modern, scalable content management system with a focus on SEO and sites looking to publish a lot of content. One of the unique things about this platform is its smooth integration with Microsoft infrastructure, making it the perfect fit for certain projects. The platform’s extensive features and user-friendly interface also makes it a solid choice for content-heavy sites.

Ongoing website management

To keep up with the needs of your audience and meet the standards of the latest technology, your website needs to be an evolving entity. Our website management services ensure your site works to the highest possible standard, regardless of whether we built it in the first place or not.

Our website management services range from smaller maintenance fixes to the development of landing pages or bigger content pieces matching your website’s requirements.

Among backups of the site, fulfilling security updates and developing new features, we can also contribute proactive ideas to help ensure your website continues to evolve, with a focus on high quality.

A lot of our daily work involves technical support for SEO optimisation, improving landing pages for PPC campaigns, and monitoring overall traffic.

Content creation

Quality content is a part of any digital marketing strategy. It can help you build great relationships with your customers and cement yourselves as experts within your industry.

Understanding your target audience is vital to a solid content marketing strategy. We will conduct research to understand which content types and channels will help you engage with customers at various stages of the sales funnel. Our content strategies support people on both sides of your product: those who are still figuring out what their main challenges are, and those who are already using your product to overcome these challenges.

Our content creation services cover copywriting, such as writing regular blogs, eBooks and newsletters, as well as creating more visual content such as infographics, social media graphics, or video content.