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There was a time when outdoor ads were only affordable for the biggest brands, but the emergence of digital print and in fact digital posters has made them more affordable, but no less impactful.

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Outdoor advertising | Billboard sizes

Billboards and more

Billboards, officially known as 48 sheet and 96 sheet posters, are the most common form of large format outdoor advertising in the UK and can be found on roadsides all over the country. They tend to get booked months in advance, sometimes 12 months in advance, especially the sites that get passed by heavy traffic. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them for your business, as they make a big statement about your brand.

4 and 6 sheet posters, also known as AdShells are another popular format for outdoor advertising. Typically they are found on the sides of bus shelters, around outdoor shopping complexes and in supermarket car parks. Many are backlit providing 24 hour advertising potential for your business.

These traditional printed posters are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to outdoor advertising. find out about all of the possibilities for advertising outdoor with Level.

Transport advertising.

Let’s talk buses, trains, taxis, and of course The Tube.

Outdoor advertising on the UK transport network brings in another area with huge potential and many varied media opportunities and in fact way too many to discuss here.

The London tube alone has a whole range of traditional and digital formats available, on station platforms, on escalators, in connecting corridors, on the barriers, in stations, and on the trains. See below for some facts and figures on advertising on the London Underground network.

Tube advertising statistics
Tube advertising statistics
The London Underground

A young ABC1 audience with money to spend and the time to take in your message on their journey.

The Tube is a great place to target a young affluent audience and it’s myriad of available formats, means that even niche brands can use this powerful medium. Tube users are a captive audience and will often visit more than two stations and more than one train on their journeys, offering multiple opportunities to reach them with your message.

With the right budget, you can really make a statement on the Tube.

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Bus advertising

Bus advertising

Advertising on and inside a bus can be a very effective way to target customers and like most outdoor advertising, it is very localised. When booking a bus campaign, you can normally specify the bus route you’d like to use for your project which is particularly good if you want to target customers that are traveling close to your physical business.

Case study

We worked with a local vets practice to promote their innovative 7 days a week opening hours. The campaign was a mix of buses and AdShell posters in supermarket car parks. It was so successful that the practice almost couldn’t cope with the influx of new customers, poaching most of them from a large national vets brand, that was close by. To stem the flow of pets leaving the national practice, they acquired our clients business.