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6 tips to help you get the right domain name

Registering the right domain name for your business is really important. Just like your brand name, you need your domain to be something people are going to remember. Not only that but amongst the billions of websites on the internet, you need people to be able to find yours.

To help you find the perfect domain name for your business, we’ve come up with a few things we think you should keep in mind.


1. Keep it short

People won’t remember a really long domain name, just as we suggested when picking a brand name, try and keep it short and snappy.


2. Avoid numbers and hyphens

Domain names with numbers and hyphens in are much more difficult to remember. Try and keep it to just letters.


3. Use keywords

If possible, try and include a keyword in your domain name. For example, if you are a cake business, try and include the word ‘cake’ in your name. This way, you’re more likely to rank better on search engines.


4. Research it

Before taking the plunge and registering the domain name, have a look whether there is anyone else using this name with their business. Check out what sort of competition you will have when trying to manage SEO.


5. Use appropriate extension

These days, there are so many more extensions than just the usual .com and See if there is anything that fits with your business, .me for a blog perhaps or .win if your business revolves around gambling or games.


6. Register fast and register many

Domain names get snapped up really quickly, so as soon as you’ve decided on one make sure you register it straight away. It may also be worth registering the .com,, .org and anything else relevant to your business to make sure no one else can get the same name as you.

Bear these things in mind when picking your name, and you should be okay. But remember, make sure it’s relevant. Don’t just pick something that fits all the criteria above if it has absolutely nothing to do with your business.


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