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3 ways to get your online content noticed

There is no denying that today’s world is dominated by technology. There are millions of websites online, people are bombarded daily by content from blogs, newsletters and social media from a huge range of different devices.

But as we’ve discussed previously in our blogs, social media and blogging can be great for marketing your business, precisely because they are such a dominating force in the modern world.

But in order for your content to market your business or brand successfully, it needs to be seen and read by people. It’s no good publishing blogs and pages of content on your site if nobody is bothering to read it.

So then the question is, how do you make what you publish in your blogs, on your website and on social media, get noticed amongst the billions of words already out there?

We’ve got 3 simple tips that should help you get your content noticed.


Engage the reader

Ask yourself who you want to read your content and write as if you were speaking to them personally. Customers like to be made to feel important and adding the personal touch to your content will do this. Ask yourself if what you are writing has a purpose and whether it will add value to your site. If not, don’t write it. Perhaps most importantly, ask yourself whether what you are writing will encourage people to take action, because that’s exactly what you want them to do.


Be creative

there is so much content out there on the web so yours needs to be pretty good to get noticed. There’s no point the, re-writing what hundreds of other people have written before you. You need to get creative. Research exactly what it is your customers want, social media is a great tool for this, and write content accordingly. And if what you have to say is not groundbreaking, then make sure you communicate it in an interesting way. Novel ideas, images, videos are all great ways to make your content different.


Know your channel

The type of content you write could differ depending on the platform you write it for and who is going to read it. What you write for blogs, for example, should depend on where you are going to publish them. Make sure that your content is appropriate and do your research to make sure that the people most likely to see it on that platform, will want to read it. Even with social media, the kind of thing you might post on LinkedIn will be very different to what you might tweet about. Don’t assume that it’s one size fits all, it’s not.

There’s no sure fire way to guarantee that people will read your content. These steps might help but you need to constantly analyse how well your content is doing. That way you can continue to improve it and build your viewing numbers. Like any kind of marketing, you need a plan and you need to keep adapting it depending on what people want.


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