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How changing a typeface can completely transform your brand

This week, Google revealed a brand new logo, complete with a new typeface.

The change in font for the Google logo has caused a lot of discussion with the marketing and advertising world. People are wondering what this subtle change may be trying to convey to customers.

Google has decided to get rid of the serif font (a font with little tails on some letters) they had used before, replacing it with a font chosen to be “simple, uncluttered, colourful and friendly”, named Product Sans.

This change is Google’s logo is it’s biggest redesign since 1999 and many people have said their new, simple font is childish. But others, as with any big redesign, are glad Google has gone for something brand new and fully embrace the new design.


A new font can make a big difference

Many big brands such as The Daily Mail and New York Times opted for serif fonts when designing their logos, and Google has used it as their own for years, so why have they decided to opt out of the serif style now?

“It’s amazing what clipping off a few serifs can do,” wrote Slate Magazine’s web designer Derreck Johnson. “The letters have this flow to them, a rhythm and a balance,” typography expert Brian Hoff told Fusion.

According to graphic designer David Airey, author of Logo Design Love, companies change their typefaces to keep them up to date, or because an old logo no longer fits with a new business strategy, This could range from a small refinement to a complete redesign. He went on to say “Google is one of the world’s most innovative companies, so the previous serif wordmark was never really the right fit, particularly considering the young age of the business. Serif typefaces are generally more suited to traditional companies with a lot of history and heritage. It makes sense for Google to be identified by a more contemporary mark.”

Now to some, this may big a LOT of fuss over a simple change in font but actually, the international discussion this change has generated shows just how important choosing the right font can be. The font you chose to define your brand creates an image and an impression that people will get of your business when they view it, so it’s not as simple as saying ‘ah I like one’. You need to make sure you get it right, just as you would with a logo or website. That simple little font can have a big impact, just ask Google.


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