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Level’s 7 top tips for branding

When starting a company, the right branding can make or break your business. Here are our top tips to ensure your brand is successful.

1. Research

Without market research, building your brand is pointless. Do your research and learn about customer behaviour in your sector.


2. Make it original

Avoid replicating or conforming to type. Stand out from your competitors by creating a unique and memorable identity.


3. Make it emotional

Give customers a reason to spend more on products or services by creating an attractive brand world based on emotion and inspiration.


4. Build your online platform

Whether you just want a website or you want to amplify your content across social media, it’s vital to have an online presence. Be unique and engage with your customers through a blog or across social media.


5. Be consistent

All of your marketing and communication should tell your brand’s story.


6. Promote value

Think about what sets your business apart from your competitors. What can you give which differs from your competitors? Run a promotion to reinforce your brands mission.


7. Brand awareness

Start spreading brand awareness. You could run a social media contest, add stickers to your car, give away freebies or sponsor local events. You can also set up PPC ads and a remarketing campaign.


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