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6 kinds of visual content that could help you boost your brand

If there is one thing you should be incorporating into your digital marketing strategy, it should be digital content.

Probably due to the world domination of social media, visual content is becoming more popular, and more effective, than ever before. Because of this, you should absolutely be using it on your website, social media and email marketing.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 simple but incredibly effective kinds of visual media that you need to be using in your online marketing.


Images & Photos

Put a face to your brand and show off your product or service with good quality images. Branded images are even better and they offer a unique sell of your product and show off the values and essence of your brand. On any online platform, image should take centre stage. After all, 93% of people say images are the big decider she buying online.


Call To Action

A CTA is a great way of inviting or influencing your customer to do something. To Buy Now or Click Here for example. Use cold, bold text and imagery to capture the attention of web visitors. A CTA is vital for any kind of content that you want to draw attention to.


Visual Data

If anywhere on your website or emails you are listing facts or figures, or showing maps, charts and diagrams, then you should be designing them to reflect your brand. Visual information is much easier to understand and you are more likely to see it and remember it. So if you have important numbers you want your customer to remember, make them visual.


Video Content

Research suggests that 64% of people are more likely to buy products online after they have seen them in action in a video. Videos will engage customers and will add some variation to the visual content already on your website.


How-To Guides

If you have any how-to guides or set-by-step processes on your website then making them visually interesting is a must.They will attract attention, encourage sharing on social media and show off your product. Furthermore, some research states that they create an intelligent tone for your brand.



Infographics are one of the best and most interesting forms of visual content which is why they are shared 3 times more than any other kind. They provide a way of providing information is a succinct yet visually interesting way. A sure-fire way to grab attention and retain information.

So if you are not using some or all of these visual content methods on your website or in your digital marketing, then why not? They are a pretty easy way of making your website look interesting, become memorable and engaging customers.


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