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How New Baby Syndrome can impact your business

When you have a baby, as doting parents, it is absolutely impossible to find fault with your new arrival.

It is the proudest, most beautiful achievement and you will never EVER hear a bad word said about your little one. They may cry all the time, keep you up all night, have a little too much hair or particularly big feet but you won’t hear a new parent voice any of these perhaps undesirable traits. In their eyes, the baby is perfect.

This is New Baby Syndrome.


So what does that have to do with business or marketing?

Well, we’ve found that New Baby Syndrome doesn’t just apply to babies, it’s pretty common in business as well. We, as a nation, find it pretty difficult to criticise anything we have worked hard to create or develop.

It’s understandable, you’ve spent many years, countless money and lots of sleepless nights getting your product or idea right and you’re immensely proud of it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s perfect.

When developing a business and trying to market it, it’s really important that you’re able to take on board the advice of the professionals. Whilst you clearly have the best intentions for your idea and know where you want it to go, you could have overlooked something that might make it even better.


Criticism can be good for your business

Being able to admit something is not quite working or could be improved is so vitally important for your business or idea to grow. Nobody ever came up with an idea and had it become hugely successful without making any slight adaptations or changes. Criticism doesn’t mean your idea is bad, even the best ideas in the world might face criticism. But being able to take on that criticism without getting personally offended is vital when ensuring that you are marketing your business correctly.

So whilst we all undoubtedly suffer from New Baby Syndrome, in business, you have to try and put your pride to one side, embrace constructive criticism and take on advice from the likes of us to really see your business grow.


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