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Why DIY e-marketing can be a bad idea

DIY is a great way of cutting costs, even when it comes to marketing, but only if you know what you’re doing.

E-marketing is a great way of keeping in touch with customers, promoting your business and offers, generating new business and a whole host of other things. It’s a pretty effective marketing technique, as long as you get it right.

These days, there are plenty of providers, such as MailChimp, that allow you to build and send out your company’s emails for free. This seems like a fantastic idea. But in reality, all this is allowing you to do is send emails for free. It doesn’t help you ensure that your email looks right and will be successful for your business. That’s what you pay for. And what’s the point of sending out emails for free if they don’t actually work for your business?

In addition to that, the number of people who will receive your email is capped as you’re only allowed 2,000 subscribers. That means that if you have a customer database of 3,000, a third won’t receive your email. Again, what’s the point in that?


What does my email campaign need?

When constructing an e-marketing campaign, there are so many more things to consider than whether the emails look nice. We’ve got loads of experience in creating, sending and testing e-marketing campaigns, so we know what works. We’ve put together a few things that you absolutely have to consider in order for your campaign to be successful. Things that you can’t get from a free provider.

Is your subject line right?

You may think the subject line of your email is unimportant. You’re wrong. This needs to be worded very carefully as it is this that will very often make a customer decide whether they are going to open the email or not.

Is your campaign working for your customers?

Is the e-marketing campaign working for the customers you’re trying to appeal to? It’s not a case of simply sending out any old email to a list of people. In order to see success from the campaign, you need to consider who you are sending the email to and what is going to appeal to them most.


What is the best plan for follow up emails?

Once you’ve sent out your initial email, you may need to send out a flow up email in order to make the most of the first one. This is something people often don’t consider but can be very valuable in getting a response from your e-marketing campaign.

You have to ask yourself, how long is it taking me to design a mediocre looking email. A day? 2 days? A week? Surely, in reality, that’s costing you more than asking someone like us to design you an email that looks great and works well in no time at all.


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