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Digital Marketing: 4 Ways You Can Stay Relevant

Marketing has always been on the move in terms both of how it’s both defined and executed. From the early days of the telephone and wireless mobiles to the ‘huge TV’ trend, radio and billboard commercials and the internet, to social media platforms. Businesses and brands have always had to be on their toes to figure out what’s coming next.


1. Smartphones will see increased marketing dominance.

The desktop’s relevance is swiftly going the way of the dinosaur, as mobile devices continue to eat up market share when it comes to all-around usage, especially in advertising, customer engagement and conversion rates. Mobile (smartphones) currently own 50.87 per cent of market share, up from 8.5 per cent in January 2012. Desktop usage has gone in the opposite direction, dropping from a 92 per cent usage rate in January of 2012 to 45 per cent as of this past October 2017.


2. Location-based advertising will increasingly be adopted by small businesses.

Say you run a flower shop: You can display a special offer ad to a local event within a five-mile radius, a form of geo-targeting marketing that typically costs less to run but posts higher conversion rates, increasing the effectiveness of your advertising budget. BIAKelsey says location-based mobile ad spend amounted to £12 billion in 2016 but is expected to hit £32 billion come 2021.


3. Video will continue to dominate other ad media.

If a single picture is worth a thousand words, then a minute-long video is worth a million words — about 1.8 million words actually, according to Forrester research. In other words, video marketing is the new poster child for digital advertising. In the recent past, video content has proven to be the most effective medium when it comes to garnering traffic and engagement, gaining leads and boosting conversions.


4. The one-size-fits-all content strategy will grow obsolete.

Your audience is likely made up of new, old and prospective customers of different ages and from different cultures and geographic locations. It would be foolhardy of you, then, to expect that they will all respond the same way to the same content. That’s why you need to take their individual needs and requirement into consideration and tailor your advertising to your realistic target audiences.


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